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Addison Outdoor Pest Control Service

If you’ve got swarms of fire ants, mosquitoes, aphids and other pests on your property, you need Weed Xtinguishers’ Addison outdoor pest control service. These pests pose a threat to the health of your family and pets and can destroy the look of your ornamental plants, trees, and landscaping.

The Texas climate provides a year-round home for outdoor pests and Weed Xtinguishers recommends our multi-seasonal, outdoor pest control service in Addison TX to keep your outdoor space pest-free while providing your plants and trees with healthy conditions for thriving growth.

Comprehensive pest control for your property

Our Addison outdoor pest control service includes a proven, five-application process to keep you pest-free. It may come as a surprise, but we actually start with two applications during the winter months.

Our team members will apply horticultural oil to your dormant plants twice during the winter. This provides a base protection before spring infestation occurs. We want to start the growing season with a strong foundation.

During the spring months, we look to fertilization and disease control. Strong root and top/leaf growth improve resistance to insects and diseases. The team at Weed Xtinguishers treats your outdoor plants with micronutrients and iron that promote fruiting and flowering for a healthy start to the summer.

In the summer, our outdoor pest control service in Addison TX swings into full battle against damaging insects. You don’t want these critters eating either you or your plants. With all the time, effort and money you put into growing an enjoyable outdoor living space, you deserve a pest-free environment.  We can protect your family and pets from the brutal bites of fire ants and the disease-carrying mosquitoes that see rapid growth in the summer months.

Fall is the time for inspections and a final treatment for lingering outdoor pests.  Weed Xtinguishers’ outdoor pest control service in Addison TX has a crew that is ready to hit the pests where they live throughout the year.  When you need Addison outdoor pest control service, the Weed Xtinguishers troops are armed and ready to mobilize for you.

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