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Carrollton Lawn Fertilization Service

Here at Weed Xtinguishers, we like to think of our Carrollton lawn fertilization service as a cure-all for your turf. With this comprehensive program, you are able to get rid of the many factors that can hurt the health and appearance of your property.

Welcome to an extensive lawn fertilization service in Carrollton TX

As the seasons change, so, too, do the needs of your lawn. In order to meet the evolving nutritional needs of your grass, our team administers an application eight different times throughout the calendar year.

These applications consist of fertilizers and weed control products. So, not only are we getting rid of the weeds in your lawn, we’re also supplementing the soil with the vitamins and nutrients it needs.

In fact, another reason that our Carrollton lawn fertilization service is even more effective is that we utilize custom blends of fertilizer. We carry all the primary components of fertilizer with us on our trucks, and after we analyze the needs of your soil, we will custom create a blend that will work best for your property.

We don’t just fertilize your lawn

Our lawn fertilization service in Carrollton TX gives your grass everything it needs to grow healthy, strong and green but our program also rids your lawn of:

  • Grubs: These pests can dine on the roots of your grass and create serious damage.
  • Weeds: Our lawn program eliminates a wide range of weeds — including grassy weeds that can be tough to kick. Many services charge clients extra to treat them — we don’t.
  • Diseases: Our staff keeps a critical eye on your turf to find any developing diseases. There are some diseases that can hinder the look of your lawn — we don’t let that happen.

We encourage you to learn more about our Carrollton lawn fertilization service and how it can be used to transform your lawn or commercial property. The team at Weed Xtinguishers is waiting to hear from you.

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The mission of Weed Xtinguishers is to add value to your property and provide a convenience to you through lawn care and pest control services.

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