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Carrollton Shrub Care Service

Carrollton shrub care service is now available through the professional, licensed staff at Weed Xtinguishers. You invest time and money into the look of your lawn and shrubs.  You’ve carefully chosen beautiful ornamentals to complete the aesthetic of your home and garden. Let us protect and care for your shrubs with our comprehensive treatment program.

Comprehensive and complete shrub care

Even though plants may appear dormant several months a year, important phases of the life cycle of your plants require attention all year round. Weed Xtinguishers’ shrub care service in Carrollton TX has a proven cycle of ornamental shrub care that will protect, nourish, and grow strong, healthy plants. You can call upon our Carrollton shrub care service professionals at any time of the year to get started.

  • Winter is the season for an application of Dormant Oil. Not only will this horticulture oil serve as a strong defense against scale, it helps prevent spring insect infestations. This protective application sets your shrubs up for a successful spring growth burst.
  • With that new growth in mind, spring requires fertilization. Nutrients provided by our professional shrub care service in Carrollton TX will encourage and support strong root growth along with lush top growth, flowering, and fruiting.
  • Within every season, your shrubs battle insect infestations and the springtime is no exception. Our fertilizer formula improves insect and disease resistance and brings a healthier look to your shrubs.
  • We ratchet up our insect control measures during the hot months of summer. Weed Xtinguishers targets insects that destroy ornamental shrubs and flowers such as aphids. We also treat for disease, like powdery mildew during the summer application.
  • With fall comes a final inspection and treatment for insect and disease control so that your ornamentals can enter dormancy as thriving, healthy plants.

Weed Xtinguishers’ Carrollton shrub care service professionals know that your ornamental shrubs provide you with a delightful view. It can be costly to remove and replace a dead plant and difficult to find a shrub that matches the maturity of the surrounding growth. Protect your investment — and protect your lawn’s look — with Weed Xtinguishers.

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