Your Fall Leaf Clean Up Options

When leaves start falling onto our yard, you face a couple of options.

The easiest option is to allow the leaves to remain there. Out of all of your options, reject this one. By leaving the leaves on the ground, you subject your lawn to several problems like blocked sunlight. Without sunlight, water will not be able to evaporate from the soil. The excess water can easily create an environment ripe for mold, fungus, and disease. Moreover, the wind could carry your leaves into your neighbor’s property, creating times of “intense fellowship.”

The other options include performing a leaf clean up service by yourself, getting your children to do it, or hiring a neighbor looking for some quick cash. While these options are cost-effective, they can become time-consuming. Lawn care companies, like ours, have become efficient at leaf clean-up. For instance, this home may have taken the homeowner several hours to clean-up. For our team, it took less than an hour.

Weed Xtinguishers

Our process is simple: remove the bulk of the leaves and mow.

For the majority of our members, we find that leaf clean up with a mower is sufficient. A lawn mowing service that bags the clippings will clean up a small amount of leaves. For our other members, we recommend scheduling a bush & bed service.

Our bush & bed service is a customizable package that cleans up any area of your property’s landscaping. Throughout the year, our focus is on removing weeds from flower beds, trimming shrubs, and applying mulch (the bags being an additional charge). In the winter, our focus shifts to leaf clean up. We invoice this service at an hourly rate; but the more often it is done, the time to complete decreases.

We know that this season is busy for you. Not only do you have daily tasks and gift shopping, but you also have the responsibility of keeping the house clean for guests. Don’t spend your holidays picking up leaves, call a professional that backs their leaf clean up services with a customer satisfaction guarantee.