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Understanding Fall Pre-Emergents

Fall has officially begun when the warm breezes of summer become chilly; the new season initiates many changes in your lawn. If you have read our article about timing fall pre-emergents, then you know that timing is crucial to getting the most out of pre-emergent applications.

But what does a pre-emergent do? And why is it so important to creating a healthy lawn? In this article, we break down the reasons and benefits for one of the most important applications you can perform on your lawn.

In short, fall pre-emergents aim to prevent winter annual weeds before they occur.

As your grass goes dormant for the winter, it enters a hibernation-like state where growing stops and only essential functions for life remain active. Because grass is in a dormant state, the plant is unable to compete with other plants that are actively growing in the lawn. The most common offenders are weeds. Like your spouse who steals all the blankets while you sleep at night, weeds try to take over the lawn and resources meant for your grass.

Fall pre-emergents act as your lawn’s protector from resource-stealing weeds. By preventing the germination of weeds (more on this process here), it ensures a peaceful rest for your grass over the winter without being overtaken by weeds.

During the winter, the most common weeds we see in here in North Texas are:




All of these weeds are problematic due to their spread and growth throughout the lawn. Without some amount of control from either a pre-emergent or post-emergent weed control chemical, the weeds will overtake your lawn while your grass is unable to compete with them for space.

Most lawn care companies have a year-round treatment program because conditions in your lawn are always changing, even when the grass isn’t growing. Careful monitoring and treatment in conjunction with your lawn’s natural changes is the key to achieving results that add comfort and value to your property.

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