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Irving Shrub Care Service

The cost savings with our Irving shrub care service are easy to explain because every homeowner knows how expensive replacing plants can be. Wouldn’t you rather protect the plants and shrubs you already have?

A shrub care service in Irving TX should be more involved than dropping some fertilizer around hedges and small trees. At Weed Xtinguishers we have built a comprehensive program that protects customers’ ornamental shrubs and plants. This also protects our customers’ wallets since they don’t have to worry about their landscape being hit by disease, pests, or nutrient deficiencies.

What type of plants are covered with our Irving shrub care service? Generally, plants and trees under 12-ft tall are covered. These plants are the ones located in your landscape beds.

How is our shrub care program better than other solutions? For one, we stay on top of issues all year long with our five application process to defend your plants.

Winter – We treat your plants with two applications of horticultural oil. Dormant plants treated with this oil are prepped for spring and the oil helps control scale.

Spring – This application helps Mother Nature with the natural growth that comes with spring. We add the proper nutrients for maximum growth and flowering.

Summer – This season is a prime time for bugs so a shrub care service in Irving TX must take this into consideration. We target pests such as cankerworms, aphids, and typical fungi with this treatment.

Fall – We all know how bugs love to get cozy indoors when cold weather hits. Our mission is to stop that before winter sets in. This fall application prevents bugs from sneaking into a warm home in the cooler months.

We feel like our Irving shrub care service offers one of the most valuable lawn services we provide. Replacing dead plants and trees can really hurt a family budget. Being the first line of defense against pests, disease, and even drought stress, we know we are saving homeowners money each year with this program. Call today to protect your shrubs with our proven system.

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The mission of Weed Xtinguishers is to add value to your property and provide a convenience to you through lawn care and pest control services.

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