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McKinney Lawn Fertilizer Services

Hiring in professionals for McKinney lawn fertilizer services is the key to having a healthy and thriving plot of land. However, not just any lawn care company is fit to provide these services.

That’s why you need a company like Weed Xtinguishers. We love seeing the look on our customers’ faces when they are able to walk barefoot in their green, dense turf. Lawn fertilizer services in McKinney TX by Weed Xtinguishers makes that possible.

Why Fertilize?

Imagine your soil as living, breathing organic matter rich in nutrients to sustain the growth of your yard. Now imagine that soil being depleted of the necessary nutrients. The resulting effect would be a dead lawn. Enter McKinney lawn fertilizer. Fertilizer dumps nutrients back into the soil that aid in the growth of a sustainable turf.

Soil testing is paramount in properly fertilizing your lawn

There are three common elements found in fertilizers:

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium

Before we apply our lawn fertilizer in McKinney TX, we test the soil to see which nutrients it is lacking. We do this because too much of one element can cause an adverse effect and kill your lawn.

Granular and liquid products

For our McKinney lawn fertilizer services, we have found that the best method is to utilize a mixture of granular and liquid-based applications.

  • Granular: This application method makes it easier to cover a larger area. Also, granular products are usually time-release, meaning that they provide nutrients over time instead of all at once.
  • Liquid: Our lawn fertilizer services in McKinney TX also use liquid-based products for a more concentrated dose of nutrients.

There’s a proven science behind our McKinney lawn fertilizer services. We guarantee results from our treatments and we will work until you are pleased. To discover the Weed Xtinguishers difference, call us today and schedule your first treatment.

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The mission of Weed Xtinguishers is to add value to your property and provide a convenience to you through lawn care and pest control services.

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