Our Leadership Team

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E.J. McCoy, Founder & Co-Owner

At the age of 8, E.J. McCoy began mowing his neighbors’ lawns in Allen. He was no quitter. By the age of 21, he incorporated EJ McCoy Enterprises LLC in 2006 and established Emerald Lawn Care. Twenty-five years later, some of those childhood clients are still loyal customers – a testament to E.J.’s dedication to quality service.

In 2015, E.J. and Josh decided to expand Emerald Lawn Care’s vision and services to include lawn fertilization, weed control, and residential pest control services. It was at this point, the name Emerald Lawn Care became too ambiguous to E.J.’s mission, and so, the company changed its name to Weed Xtinguishers.

Every day, E.J. is striving harder than ever to give customers the healthiest lawn possible, and help them maintain it.

Josh Cahill

Josh Cahill, Co-Owner

In 2011, after years of working in Christian ministry, Josh Cahill joined Weed Xtinguishers to help take the company to a new level of excellence and expand into new service offerings.

With a commercial pesticide applicators license through the Texas Department of Agriculture and a specialization in Turf and Ornamental Landscapes, Josh was very instrumental in the expansion of Weed Xtinguishers’ lawn care and pest control services.

In 2011, Josh and EJ co-founded Poop Troops, offering dog owners a pet waste removal service throughout the southern United States. Together, these companies are a force that keeps Texas’ lawns healthy and beautiful for years on end.