Ornamental Shrub Care

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Ornamental Shrub Care

When a shrub or ornamental tree dies, it can ruin the look of your property and, even when it is replaced, can take up to years to grow to the size of the plant that is lost.


Our Ornamental Shrub Care package is your best defense from common pests, diseases, nutrient deficiencies, and even help fight drought stress in your landscape beds.

Your landscape plants and ornamental shrubs can be some of the most expensive items in your lawn and landscape. With our ornamental shrub care service, you can protect your investment from insects, diseases, and the harsh environment of Texas.

The easiest way to determine if a shrub will be covered in our program is the location of it. Our program was designed for those plants located in your landscape and flower beds. Some common plants include crape myrtles, magnolias, wax myrtles, etc. As a rule of thumb, if the plant is under 12 feet tall, we got you covered.

Weed Xtinguishers

Our Five Application Program

Our program has been designed to deliver timely chemical treatments based on the time of year.


In the cooler months, we perform two applications of horticultural oil to your dormant plants. We have found that this treatment is beneficial in preventing spring infestations and controlling scale.


This application is all about providing the nutrients for maximum growth and flowering.


Insects are highly active in the warmer months. Our insect and disease control will target pests such as cankerworms, aphids, and typical fungi.


Don’t let pests find their winter home in your plants. This insect and disease control application will keep them away.

Unique Seasonal Applications Keep the Problem Pests Away.

Winter Dormant Oil

Application of horticulture oil to your trees and shrubs while plants are dormant. This will help prevent spring insect infestations. This application is very beneficial in controlling scale.

Early Spring Fertilization & Disease Control

Balanced fertilizer with iron/micronutrients encourages strong root and top growth; increases fruiting and flowering; and improves insect and disease resistance – thus making plants greener and healthier.

Summer Insect & Disease Control

Insect and disease control to reduce any disease impact and early season pest activity for Landscape plants and shrubs. It targets insects such as cankerworms, aphids, white flies, webworms, powdery mildew and other typical diseases that occur in Collin County.

Fall Insect & Disease Control

Inspection and treatment to control seasonal insects and disease activity.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

As with all of our services, our pest control service comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you see an infestation between treatments, call us and we will re-treat at no cost.