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Our mission is to add value to your property and provide a convenience to you. We accomplish this by offering lawn care and pest control services, backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee.

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Welcome to Weed Xtinguishers, where our team of trained, experienced lawn care professionals provide your property with everything it needs to truly thrive and flourish via our Frisco lawn care service. Our team’s handy work can be seen all around the Frisco area and beyond. We have teamed up with residential and commercial clients to completely transform lawns from dull, dry, dead plots of land into a lush, green oasis.

We are so confident in our pest control service in Frisco TX, and our full menu of other services, that we offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. This means that, if our work doesn’t meet even your highest expectations, we will keep working to ensure your 100 percent satisfaction.

Comprehensive Lawn Care Service

With our lawn care and weed control service in Frisco TX, we provide all the essentials for your turf via our variety of services. Some of these include:

  • Proper hydration: Weed Xtinguishers offers a moisture management program using a product called Hydretain, which locks in and maximizes moisture in the soil of your turf and flower beds. This reduces the stress of drought and cuts down on necessary watering. We also offer aeration as part of our lawn care in Frisco TX, which allows water easier access to the root system.
  • Nutrients: Our Frisco lawn care service includes one of the most extensive fertilization programs available on the market. We deliver eight different applications that are methodically spread out throughout the year to address the needs of your turf for each respective season.
  • Freedom from weeds and pests: Included with our fertilization program is a highly effective weed control service in Frisco TX that eliminates even stubborn weeds from your turf. We also offer advanced pest control service to take care of grubs, fire ants, ticks, fleas and a seemingly endless list of other pests.

Our pest control service in Frisco TX also includes a separates program to eliminate mosquitos. Few pests, if any, are more annoying to deal with than these bloodsuckers. With Weed Xtinguishers, we can guarantee you up to 30 days of mosquito-free bliss on your property.

Or, if you want to schedule ongoing service, you can manage to avoid mosquitos all together, even at the height of mosquito season.

Talk to us about your needs

Every lawn is different, which is why we offer a completely obligation-free, complimentary consultation for all potential clients. We can take a look at your property and see what our Frisco lawn care service can do for you. Contact our friendly office staff to set up a time.

Recent Blog Posts

Scalping a Lawn vs. Mowing Low and Bagging

In most cases, a Mow Low and Bag service only lowers the mower 1 to 2 inches below the current height of the grass. A Scalp service lowers the mower down to its lowest setting.

Cleaning Your Leaves Up the “Green” Way

Winter is rapidly approaching and your lawn is probably covered in leaves. Everyone dreads having to pick up leaves and will most likely procrastinate the process due to the large amount of work involved. There is a better way to take care of all those leaves as well as reduce the amount of time and effort required, mulch them!

When to Put Your Lawn Mower Away for the Season

Once the 100-degree weather has passed, we get asked about the right time to stop mowing the lawn. As with most lawn care practices, there is an environmental roadmap that lets us know the answer to this question. Let us explore the nature of your grass a little further, so we can answer that all too common question “Is it time to put the lawn mower up for the season?”

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Our Mission

The mission of Weed Xtinguishers is to add value to your property and provide a convenience to you through lawn care and pest control services.

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