Mosquito Control

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Weed Xtinguishers

Mosquito Control

There are few pests more annoying than mosquitoes. We are proud to use the latest products for mosquito population control on the market. This is a highly effective liquid application applied using a gas powered misting backpack designed for precise applications.

During your treatment, our trained mosquito Xtinguishers will inspect, identify & treat mosquito breeding areas as well as landscape plants, tree foliage & easements killing on contact as well as repelling these blood-sucking pests for 21-30 days.

This service can be used as a one-time application for a special event or we can provide a monthly application during the mosquito season with guaranteed season-long results.

Satisfaction Guarantee

As with all of our services, our pest control service comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you see an infestation between treatments, call us and we will re-treat at no cost.



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