Core Aeration

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Core Aeration

Soil compaction is a large contributor to poor root growth in turf grass in many North Texas lawns. Poor root growth can keep your turf from reaching its full potential. Soil compaction is a natural occurrence that can be caused by many factors including normal traffic from children, pets, mowers, etc. In many cases, we will notice issues with soil compaction due to a lack of soil preparation during sod installations by home builders and landscapers.

Another hindrance to a healthy lawn can be too much thatch which is the buildup of dead plant material in your yard. North Texas lawns do not require dethatching. In most cases, an aeration will aid in breaking down thatch build up.

How Does Core Areation Work?

An aerator pulls thousands of small soil plugs from your lawn allowing oxygen, water, & nutrients deeper into the soil.

These “plugs” of soil are pulled out and lay on the surface of your lawn. After rainfall or watering of the lawn these plugs begin to break down into the soil.

This concept can be compared to tilling the soil in a garden.

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