Lawn Mowing

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Lawn Mowing Service

Mowing the lawn is one of the most grueling chores for homeowners and renters. Not only do you have to deal with the Texas heat, but you also have to deal with tools and lawn mower maintenance, gas expenses, and making sure the grass is cut correctly. Consider our lawn mowing service to take this required chore off your hands.

Weed Xtinguishers is committed to providing you with a quality lawn mowing service. Here are the benefits of our service:

  • No Contracts! Pause, change or cancel at any time.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee! If we mess up, we’ll come back to make it right.
  • Professional lawn mowing crews
  • Consistent service schedule
  • Fast response times, if there is a concern
  • Easy billing and payment
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What You Can Expect from Our Lawn Mowing Service

Whether you choose our weekly or bi-weekly yard mowing schedule, you count on the same services performed at each visit.

  • The lawn will be cut in different directions each time.
  • Our crews will use a 21-inch blade, commercial lawn mower. (Larger lots may require a different mower.)
  • We will line trim hard-to-reach areas.
  • Fresh edges will be cut with a steel blade edger.
  • We’ll top the service off by blowing away grass clippings and debris from the concrete areas

Our Seasonal Weekly & Bi-Weekly Mowing Programs

Our Seasonal Weekly Mowing Program

Mowing your grass on a consistent schedule is one of the primary ways to have a lush and green lawn. Furthermore, it is important to mow according to the current weather conditions. For this reason, Weed Xtinguishers has developed a seasonal weekly mowing schedule that best suit North Texas lawns.

Our yard mowing schedule is as follows:

  • March – Bi-Weekly
  • April through October – Weekly
  • November – Bi-Weekly
  • December through February – No Mows Scheduled. (We will mow upon request.)

* Unless requested, we use a mulching mower to cut grass. You can add-on our bagging service for an additional amount. On the other hand, all homes composed of zoysia grass must receive bagged service.

We are so confident that you will be more pleased with your lawn on a weekly schedule that we offer that service at a discounted rate.

Our Seasonal Bi-Weekly Mowing Program

For our members on a budget, we do offer a bi-weekly mowing schedule.

The grass mowing schedule is as follows:

  • March through November – Bi-Weekly
  • December through February – No Mows Scheduled. (We will mow upon request.)

While this is an economical option, we highly recommend our seasonal weekly mowing program. Generally speaking, a yard that is mowed bi-weekly will not look as good as one mowed weekly, there is simply too much growth. Particularly in the growing season, it is likely that you will see uneven cuts, temporary brown spotting, and clumps of grass left behind. As such, we cannot guarantee that your lawn will look its best.

Our Mission: Add Value and Beauty to Your Property.

Our Goal: Do it With Honesty and Integrity.