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Our First Custom Christmas Lights Installation of 2018

  • Before-Christmas Lights Install in McKinney, TX
    After-Christmas Lights Install in McKinney, TX
    Before Christmas Lights Install in McKinney, TX After

It is finally here! The season for brightly lit, festive nights is upon us. From Christmas to Diwali to Hanukkah, we have several holidays that revolve around lights. As the temperatures drop, we tend to become closer to each other and stay at home more often. What better way to create a warm ambiance than hanging pretty colored lighting around the home? This is why we are excited to launch our light installation service for the holidays this year.

People love to add warm lights to boost the coziness of their home from late fall to early winter. The good news is, adding lights doesn’t have to be an overly complicated conundrum. We finished our very first home of the season with a simple roofline job. Within an hour, we were able to bring holiday excitement to this member. The work itself was easy and quick for our team, but for a do-it-yourselfer, the process could have taken double or triple the amount of time and headache. Knowing this, brought a sense of joy to everyone on the installation team.

We cannot wait to help more homes across DFW accomplish the same thing! From a simple roofline install to outlining arches, poles, sidewalks, and driveways, we are ready to provide a free custom design and quote, tailored specifically for your home. We offer this service because we know how important your time is. Saving you from the hassle of installing holiday lights makes the holidays more comfortable for everyone.

So whether you are decorating for Christmas, Diwali or Hannukah, we are here to help you. Nothing is more important to us than adding value and comfort to your life this holiday season. Although it is the season of giving, there is no need to give us a present this year, your happiness is one of the best gifts we could receive.

Our First Custom Christmas Lights Installation of 2018

Here's a little video all about how our Christmas light adventure went from the sky and the ground. It was the first install of the year, yet we were ready will all sorts of gear. We hung it up high and we'll take it down nigh. We had fun much like a clown. There was not one single frown. We're ready to help you and everyone in town. Tell me... how did this jingle sound? Ho-Ho-Ho...

Posted by Weed Xtinguishers on Friday, October 26, 2018

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