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Soil pH Levels Affect Fungal Disease Treatment

TARR is a lawn disease caused by the Gaeumannonyces graminis fungus, but you should know that this fungus is present in all soil. What causes it to spread and damage your lawn is the pH of the soil. How, exactly, does your lawn’s pH level affect the onset of TARR and what can you do to effectively treat it? Here are a few things you should know before you attempt to revive your wilted lawn.

Identifying Take-All Root Rot

When the weather begins to warm in spring, you naturally start planning outdoor events that allow you to take advantage of your beautiful yard.  What you don’t want is for your summer BBQs and pool parties to be waylaid by brown, patchy grass that you can’t seem to green up no matter how much you water. Unfortunately, you might be dealing with some kind of lawn disease or a pest infestation.  More commonly, the cause of a failing lawn could be Take-All Root Rot, or TARR. What is this blight on your lush lawn and how can you identify it?  Here’s what you need to know.

Lawn Maintenance Versus Lawn Care

It’s entirely understandable to confuse maintenance and care.  After all, the terms themselves are often used interchangeably.  However, when it comes to keeping your lawn healthy, lush, and attractive, it’s important to understand that there are massive differences between regular lawn maintenance like mowing and ongoing lawn care like fertilization and weed control.

Spring Watering Recommendations to Keep your Lawn Thriving

We all have that neighbor who misses about three weekends of bass fishing yearly because he is busy tackling irrigation problems in the summer heat. He could be spending more time on the lake if he checked his system out right now, in the spring!

Seeding, Sodding, or Waiting: The Best Approach to Filling In Your Lawn

Identifying the issues causing bare spots could help you to determine the best method for filling in your lawn.  Working with a reliable lawn care specialist year-round can help you to avoid many issues that cause patchy lawns, but if you’re just starting out, you might need more targeted assistance.

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