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Our 8 application program goes above and beyond that of our competitors.


  1. We xtinguish Grubs: Grubs eat your lawn’s roots and kill your grass. Once a Grub infestation sets in they can move quickly and destroy large areas of your grass with very little notice. That is why our licensed technicians apply a grub preventative each year to help combat these dangerous pests at no additional cost.
  2. Nutsedge, Dallisgrass, Johnsongrass, & Crabgrass are controlled at no additional cost. The broad term for these weeds is grassy weeds. These weeds are hard to extinguish and often take specialized products that come at an additional cost to us, not you! These hard to kill grassy weeds have to be treated at specific times of the year so often times they take longer to get under control but rest assured, we will extinguish them included in your program.
  3. Turf diseases are managed each and every visit on the spot. Rather than leaving a disease diagnosed yet untreated we will apply the necessary products to prevent and/or stop the further damage of your turf, again, all included in your turf application program.
  4. Custom Fertilizer blends. Our fertilizers are blended with Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium and other nutrients. Nitrogen is largely responsible for the leaf growth of your turf. Phosphorous is responsible for your root growth. Potassium is a nutrient that helps the overall functions of your turf perform correctly & encourages a thick lawn. Depending on your grass type, how established your lawn is and the season we will use the proper balance to get optimum results.

We keep multiple different blends on our trucks at all times to ensure our technicians have the best mix of nutrients for your turf.

In addition to our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we are certain that with the above benefits we provide the most value and hassle-free turf care available.

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8 Applications for a Gorgeous Lawn

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