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Colleyville Fire Ant Control Service

The bites, the stinging, the itching — it sounds like you need Weed Xtinguishers and our Colleyville fire ant control service now.

People can do a lot of crazy things in an attempt to kill the fire ants on their properties. We have seen even dangerous experiments in fire ant control like the man who poured gasoline into the mounds and set them on fire. Some of these home remedies are harmless but some can do damage to property and hurt the people or animals that live there. Let Weed Xtinguishers provide all your needs for fire ant control service in Colleyville TX.

Do not risk co-existing with fire ants

Fire ants have spread throughout the south and they are permanent residents here in Texas. We can’t overstate the danger that a colony of these pests poses to anyone who lives close to the mounds.

When these ants are aroused, they become aggressive, relentlessly biting and attacking their prey. Imagine your toddler or beloved pet screaming in pain as a swarm of these creatures cover them with inflaming bites.

Nausea, skin irritation, and more severe reactions are common after fire ant bites.  Weed Xtinguishers’ Colleyville fire ant control service will employ a combination of bait traps and pesticides to control and prevent fire ant infestations.

Why take action against fire ants?

Weed Xtinguishers use a product proven on millions of lawns throughout the southwest, a product that is only available through licensed professionals. Our product is quick acting — depending upon the time of year, we can project a 100 percent removal of fire ant colonies within just a few weeks’ time. If you are dreaming of a fire ant-free lawn this year, you need our fire ant control service in Colleyville TX.

Fire ants are attracted to many human foods and refuse. They have a love of sweets and proteins and will fight ferociously to protect their food supplies and nests. These nasty little pests are also attracted to electrical currents and can do real damage by nesting in, or around, air conditioning units, telephone wires, and electrical junction boxes. Call Weed Xtinguishers’ Colleyville fire ant control service for total eradication of your colony.

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