To be honest, I was a little frustrated last month.

I have been with Weed Xtinguishers for just over a year now. In addition to lawn mowing and pest control, I signed up for their fertilization and weed control program. This eight-application program is guaranteed to control all types of broadleaf and grassy weeds. You can only imagine my horror when I saw a portion of my front yard covered in grassy weeds.

Through my mind raced several negative thoughts.

“I haven’t skipped any of the scheduled applications. Why is this happening to my lawn?”

“These guys are terrible.”

“Did they actually treat my lawn?”

“Why hasn’t this been addressed?!”

Before contacting another lawn care service, I decided to test Weed Xtinguishers on their satisfaction guarantee. I contacted the office and connected with their Lawn & Pest Manager. I explained the situation (admittedly, with my frustration being very evident) and asked for answers.

The Weed Xtinguishers’ Manager took the time to explain why grassy weeds can be hard to control. Apparently, some weeds grow by seeding above ground, and others grow underground (in addition to seeding above ground). One example of the latter is the nutsedge grass. Because it expands through its root system, pre-emergents have little to no effect on them. Over time, nutsedge growth is controllable, but it takes proper watering, timely fertilization applications, and spot treating the weed as soon as possible.

Before our conversation ended, the Manager assigned a technician to visit my property free of charge to evaluate my situation.

A few days later, the Manager contacted me. He explained that I didn’t actually have a grassy weed problem. You see, my lawn is a mixed lawn, primarily consisting of Bermuda and St Augustine grass. (Don’t ask me how. It was that way when I bought the house.) Upon further investigation, what I thought was a grassy weed was a form of St. Augustine grass – different in appearance to the other St. Augustine grass in my yard. Possibly brought in from past seeding attempts or the wind, I allowed it to grow without restraint.

To me, it did not matter what kind of grass it was; I just wanted it out of my lawn. Weed Xtinguishers gave me a plan on how to accomplish this goal. First, they recommended that they kill the grass (free of charge!) using a concentrated liquid application. The side effect was that I would have patches of dead grass until either the other grass expands into the bare areas or I plant sod. Below are the pictures of how my lawn currently looks.

I know these ugly patches of grass will eventually go away, either naturally or by planting. For this reason, I am happy with the progress of my lawn. Weed Xtinguishers was very helpful in educating me on my situation. Moreover, I am pleased that they stood by their satisfaction guarantee. That level of integrity is something not commonly found in other lawn care services. Weed Xtinguishers has become my partner for a weed-free lawn.

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