Dealing with Broken Sprinkler Heads

One of the greatest lawn and landscaping tools is the irrigation system. Before this system, homeowners had to use inefficient oscillating sprinklers. While these sprinklers were a step up from hand watering, they were unable to distribute the proper amount of water evenly. Then along came the irrigation system (also known as a sprinkler system). These systems brought the luxuries of proper water distribution and automation. The only setback to this system is the cost to install and maintain the system.

Believe it or not, damages to sprinkler heads are common. In most cases, the issue is a result of three possibilities.

  1. Installation: In an ideal situation, every sprinkler system would be installed perfectly level with the ground and properly spaced. If this were the case, sprinkler heads would be virtually impossible to bust.
  2. Ground Movement: Our North Texas soil is in a constant state of flux. The ground movement can cause heads to rise and even move. Sprinkler heads too close to concrete are at high risk to edgers hitting them.
  3. Normal Wear and Tear: Sprinklers heads pop up and retract as a result of a spring and water pressure. Over time, the spring wears down much like a rubber band getting stretched out. When this happens, the head will not fully retract, making it easier for a lawn mower to hit.

Here are a couple of photos showing a system that is at risk of damages.


When a lawn mowing company or an individual is working, they sometimes cannot see a raised sprinkler head or one that has moved too close to the concrete. Without knowing it, a sprinkler head is accidentally damaged or broken.

Rest assure that a busted sprinkler head is not catastrophic to your system or water bill. On the other hand, it does waste water and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. The benefit of being with Weed Xtinguishers is that customer satisfaction is important to us. If you find that you need a lawn sprinkler head repaired, you can give us a call. At no cost to you, we will send a technician out to replace it.

We also recommend periodic system checks on your system. At least once a month, you should do a quick visual inspection to make sure no heads are busted and no leaks in the plumbing. At least once a year, you should have an irrigation company do an in-depth inspection of the system. Our service partner, Collin County Sprinkler, is a great company to consider.

Your irrigation system is a vital part of maintaining a beautiful lawn. While it is impossible to promise that we will never hit a sprinkler head, we can promise to take responsibility for any damage we cause. Before calling an expensive irrigation repair company, call us first. We are happy to serve.