What is the Mowing Schedule This Fall and Winter?

With cooler temperatures and the smell of pumpkin spice lattes in the air, fall has officially come to North Texas. Throughout this season, one of the most common questions we get asked concerns our fall and winter lawn mowing schedule.

We believe that lawn care is a year-round responsibility with different objectives during each season. In Spring and Summer, we focus on growth and maintaining a green lawn. During fall and winter, our focus is on tidying up and preparing the soil for next spring. To reach our cool weather objective, we have found lawn mowing to be a necessary, albeit less frequent, task.

Our Lawn Mowing Schedule

If your lawn is currently on a weekly mowing schedule, this is what you can expect:

  • Now Through the End of October: Weekly Service
  • November: Bi-weekly Service
  • December – February: Once a Month Service
  • March: Bi-weekly Service
  • April: Weekly Service Resumes

If you are currently setup on a bi-weekly mowing schedule, this is your plan:

  • Now Through the End of November: Bi-weekly Service
  • December – February: Once a Month Service
  • March: Bi-weekly Service Resumes

We have found that this schedule gives the best results in keeping your lawn maintained through the cooler weather. Here are just some of its benefits:

  1. Maintained Edging: Because the winter sun will still heat up concrete, grass tends to grow around sidewalks and driveways. A nice, clean edge helps to keep your lawn looking manicured throughout the winter.
  2. Minor Leaf Removal: In the winter months, we bag grass clippings at no cost to you. This service will remove fallen leaves that keep sunlight from reaching the soil. We have found that, because our core service area covers newer neighborhoods, a lawn mowing service is often the only leaf clean up many homeowners need throughout the winter.
  3. Concrete Area Blown Off: As you’re preparing inside your home for guests, this service will help to keep the outside of your home looking tidy and inviting.

Rest assured that the cost of your service does not change in the fall and winter. You will continue to pay the same rate that you paid in the Summer. If cost is a concern for you, you can always pause your service by emailing our office at wecare@nobugsnoweeds.com.

Additional Leaf Cleanup Service

Our mowing service will bag and take away small amounts of leaves. Should your yard have a lot of leaves to remove, contact our office to set up a separate leaf removal service. A two-man crew will be able to rake and remove the leaves at a rate of $119.98 an hour. For those members on our Bush & Bed package, this the rate is discounted to $99.98 an hour.