Do you plant seed or sod for bare areas?

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We do not recommend planting seed for bare areas because the pre-emergent we use can keep the seed you plant from germinating just like it keeps unwanted weeds from germinating. We do however work closely with a landscaper who can install new sod in areas that may have died. In most cases this is due to [...]

How much water does my lawn need?

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A general rule of thumb 1 inch of water per week is best during the seasons your lawn is actively growing. In the warmer months of summer you may want to increase this. When in the cooler seasons of spring and fall you might want to decrease your watering to 1/2 inch of water per week. In the winter months you [...]

Why are there circles or dead spots after you treated my lawn?

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Unfortunately, you can't have weed killing without the yellowing. The grass around those areas will recover within a few weeks. This is why we emphasize getting on a consistent program to prevent weeds from popping up. In the rare case one does come up, we will treat it, the grass around the weed will turn yellow [...]

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