I recently purchased my first home in McKinney. Like most new homeowners, I find myself feeling the joys and stress of a new home. While I am elated for something that is mine, I am spending a lot of time getting the interior and exterior “up to par” for my liking. My lawn and landscaping are among the top to-dos on my list.

To put it bluntly, my property’s lawn is a mess. I inherited a lawn that is covered with grassy and broadleaf weeds that are green, growing like crazy, and ugly. They really stick out this time of year because the healthy, dormant grass is still brown.

From my years working at Weed Xtinguishers, I know my situation is common. We have seen the same weed problems in neglected homes and new construction. While there are things that can be done now, the most important thing to have is patience.

While there are things that can be done now, the most important thing to have is patience.

Weed Xtinguishers has already come out and treated the lawn. I have already noticed the broadleaf weeds dying, but the grassy weeds remain. You see, the products that get rid of emerged grassy weeds are designed to be effective in warm temperatures consistently around 90° F. Until our climate is warmer, there are only a few things that can and should be done.

  • Mow on a weekly basis (biweekly in March) to keep a manicured look, as the grassy weeds will grow faster than the grass.
  • Make sure you water your lawn properly. The healthier and thicker your grass is, the less that the weeds will spread.
  • Allow regular applications from Weed Xtinguishers. Their weed removal services will treat/kill the broadleaf weeds like crabgrass, dallisgrass, rescue grass, and henbit. They will also add fertilizer that will encourage grass growth which will help to “choke out” certain weeds. Finally, their pre-emergent will prevent new weeds from emerging.

Don’t be alarmed if you see yellowing or browning in treated areas. This discoloration is a sign that treatments are working. These dead spots will green back up by themselves or by spreading turf.

Armed with this plan, I am sure that within a few months, my yard will go from neglect to one of the best homes in the neighborhood.

Josh Cahill

Josh Cahill is a co-owner of Weed Xtinguishers.