Finding the Best Way to Fend Off Mosquitos

Summers are tailor-made for outdoor fun, whether it includes time by the pool or enjoying a cookout in your backyard. This is especially true with the Fourth of the July, which certainly has no shortage of fun activities, like barbecues, fireworks, parades and more.

When you’re packing up your supplies for your upcoming Independence Day adventures, you’ll probably want something to keep the mosquitoes and bugs away. Mosquitoes can be a problem during daytime activities and they only get worse when the sun goes down.

There are an overwhelming number of products on the market that promise to keep mosquitoes away — some more effective than others. If you’re looking to avoid waking up the morning after the Fourth of July with little red mosquito bites all over, you can turn to some of the following products.

Weed XtinguishersCandles and torches: There are a variety of candles and torches that promise, when you burn them, they omit an odor that keeps mosquitoes at bay. This can be an attractive option if you’re setting up shop for an outdoor barbecue, but it’s important to be careful around them so no one accidentally burns themselves. It can create a nice setting, though.

Weed XtinguishersDifferent types of bug spray: The classic solution that most party goers will be grabbing for is good old-fashioned bug spray. The big debate among these products pits sprays containing N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide (DEET) against DEET-free sprays. DEET is highly effective in repelling mosquitoes and disease carrying pests, but it is a chemical and you must be safe with when using. DEET-free sprays are less effective, but you don’t have to worry as much about the effects of the chemical.

Weed XtinguishersAnkle bracelets and wristbands: A relatively new development in the world of mosquito repellents are bracelets that go around a person’s wrists or ankles. Said to mask the natural human scent that attracts mosquitoes, these types of products have been met with mixed reviews.

Weed Xtinguishers Home remedies: Any hardcore do-it-yourselfer probably has a home remedy to keep the mosquitoes away. This could include homemade bug sprays made from things like witch hazel, rubbing alcohol or lavender. These, of course, can range in their actual effectiveness.

So, pick your poison carefully and, above everything else, have a great Fourth of July! The important thing is to at least take some measure to keep mosquitoes away. Not only are they annoying while you are trying to have fun outdoors, but mosquitoes and similar pests can carry germs and diseases that could affect your greater health.

Image Credit: Pixabay