Reduce Lawn Watering Demands with Hydretain

Last week, we shared about how much to water your lawn using an irrigation system. In addition to proper watering, we recommend looking into a moisture manager. A moisture manager has the potential to lower watering requirements up to 50%. Here at Weed Xtinguishers, we use Hydretain.

Your soil is like a sponge. After being watered, the soil holds the moisture so plants and grass can use it. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the water is lost to either gravity or evaporation. What’s left is water vapor, which the plants cannot use. Hydretain is a product that attracts the water vapor and converts it into water droplets. The end result is more available water for your grass and plants.

Hydretain can help you:

  • Lower utility bills
  • Work within water restrictions
  • Eliminate localized dry spots

This product works on all kinds of plants and grass. Best of all, it is perfectly safe for kids and pets.

For a more detailed overview of the product, check out this video.


Our goal is to help you have a green, beautiful lawn. We realize that this time of the year puts the most stress on your lawn. Summer heat stress can cause lawn quality regression, costing you some of the valuable progress your lawn made in Spring. On top of that, local water restrictions can make it even more difficult. As a result, we recommend looking into this program.

If you have more questions, either contact our office and ask for your lawn technician. We would be happy to come show you how this product works. If you want to know how long you need to water your lawn, check out the best lawn watering schedule here.