Homeowners in Allen, Frisco, McKinney, and Plano know how quickly a swarm of mosquitoes can take over lawns and outdoor spaces. The importance of mosquito control, especially in Collin County, cannot be overstated. Protect your family and home from mosquitoes for the following reasons.

Disease Control

The Zika virus, yellow fever, malaria: the list of diseases connected to mosquitoes is a long one. It’s terrifying to think that your children may be in harm’s way simply by playing in your backyard. With all the horrifying news about the Zika virus recently, eliminating mosquitoes and their breeding grounds on your property is crucial to keeping your family healthy. While using bug sprays to prevent mosquito bites is an important precaution to take, the best way to keep your family out of harm’s way is with a mosquito controlpackage for your lawn.

Nuisance Elimination

You’re sitting in a meeting or at church on Sunday, and all of sudden that feeling starts to build. At first, a tiny little itch that doesn’t seem like anything but then all of a sudden, all you can think about is scratching away at the mosquito bite you now realize you have on your arm or leg. You should be able to walk from your front door to your mailbox and back again without feeling the need to douse yourself in bug repellent, but mosquitoes have a much different agenda. One of the most aggravating nuisances in the great state of Texas, a mosquito control package for your lawn allows you to venture outside without worry.

Lawn Improvement

You pay to have your lawn aerated, mowed, and even take the extra step of using a moisture manager system, so why should you have to battle mosquitoes for the rights to your own property? When you start using a monthly mosquito control package, your yard will be the envy of all of your neighbors. No hazy swarms of mosquitoes hanging over your grass when you host your next barbecue.

While you might not currently have issues with mosquitoes in your yard, summer is just around the corner. As temperatures rise, you’ll quickly see an increase in the mosquito population in your area. Stop the problem before it begins with a mosquito control package.