“Every organization has a purpose. It may be clear or vague. It may be conscious or unconscious. It may be written or unwritten. Regardless, no organization is ever formed—or continues to exist—without some sort of purpose.” – Michael Hyatt1

Until January 2016, our lawn care company’s name was Emerald Lawn Care. Our mission was simple, “to provide a unique and unprecedented level of service and quality of products to our clients.” Under this name and purpose, our company became one of the leading lawn mowing companies in the North Texas area.

Unfortunately, the name “Emerald Lawn Care” is far too common in the lawn industry. We occasionally found ourselves being confused with other companies of the same name. That, along with the ambiguity of the name, is why we decided to rebrand ourselves as Weed Xtinguishers.

We chose the name Weed Xtinguishers by design. A “weed” is anything that hinders a group, most commonly referring to a plant. In lawn care terms, it could be anything from overgrown grass, unwanted plants in flower beds, drought, diseases, and insects.

Our mission is to add value to your property and provide a convenience to you. Through reliable lawn care and pest control services, we will manage the part of your life that welcomes you home, hosts memories, and entices future home buyers. Our partnership with you will uphold and advance your lawn’s beauty while protecting it from pests.

Our gold standard is how we measure our mission’s success.

Respect – It is a privilege to have your business. We strive to provide convenient services that save you time and to make the health of your property our number one goal.

Accountability – We are committed to quality and keeping our promises. We cannot always be perfect, but we truly care to make everything right.

Consistency – Our service will always be what you expect. From timely services, knowledgeable technicians, and open communication, you can count on us.

With the change in name, our purpose hasn’t changed but become more clearly defined. We may not be able to solve all of the world’s problems, but we believe that we can make our local neighborhoods a better place to live. For all of you who are members, thank you for allowing us to extinguish some of the weeds in your life.