Once upon a time,
In a land not so far away,
Stood three beautiful homes,
Dealing with winter in different ways.

It’s that time of year again. The big bad wolf of Winter has come to our North Texas lawns. As a survival mechanism, most lawns have gone dormant for the season. After Winter’s reign, our green yards will return, but for now, our warm-season grasses are colored brown and crunch beneath our feet. But, did you know that you don’t have to settle for that? You can still have green grass in winter!

Weed Xtinguishers

It just so happens that we service three neighboring homes where the homeowners have chosen to face winter’s effect in different ways. The scene reminds us of the three little pigs’ story, where each pig decided to build their home out of either straw, sticks, or bricks. And while two of those building materials were poor choices, there are no poor choices with our homes. Each option comes with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. The decision ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Option 1: The Natural Look

Weed XtinguishersWeed Xtinguishers
The first homeowner decided to let nature takes its course. The grass has turned brown and will remain that way until spring. And while there is nothing remarkable about the choice, this lawn is an exceptional instance of how the yard should look in winter.

The lawn is free of leaf pileup. Even in winter, grass needs water and sunlight to survive. Leaf buildup prevents these natural resources from reaching the plant and soil.

The lawn is also uniformly brown, meaning that it is relatively free of weeds. If you see a lot of green in a yard, look closely because the green is probably weeds. It is important that weed control is maintained throughout the cold season. Weeds left unchecked in winter will stifle the grass’ ability to grow in the spring.

Option 2: The Change-Up

Weed XtinguishersWeed Xtinguishers
The second homeowner took the approach of seeding cool-season grass throughout the yard. While this is a great option, it also requires the most work. First, you have to follow a procedure when seeding. Secondly, mowing is still required throughout the winter. Thirdly, you won’t be able to use the standard weed control method for winter. Lastly, while this is a beautiful option, homeowners should be aware that some cities and neighborhoods ban the seeding of cool-season grasses.

If you are considering this option, be sure to check with your local authorities first.

Option 3: The Makeover

Weed XtinguishersWeed Xtinguishers
The last homeowner decided to paint the grass. This is a good compromise between options 1 and 2. The paint is safe for pets and kids (after drying). If done correctly, your grass will look naturally green. The primary downside is that the green will fade over time. You may have to paint your lawn up to 3 times throughout the winter to keep it looking fresh.

The Choice Is Up to You

Again, all of these choices are good options. You may go the natural route, which adds a classic fall look to your lawn. You could plant cool-season grasses if you want actual grass growing. You can also paint the grass as an alternative to upkeeping cool-season grasses. Whichever choice you make, rest assured that our team is here to make sure your lawn remains free of weeds all winter long.

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